KYOCERA eAppsMaker

Capture & Distribution HyPAS eAppsMaker Customize MFP panel icon to facilitate efficient workflow.


The document workflow is diversified from different industries, departments  or even workgroups, however, it is time consuming to create different workflows to satisfy individual’s need, KYOCERA eAppsMaker designed to support the custom-made icon for particular need, e.g. “one-touch” buttons for scan to email, scan to SMB (PC) or scan to FTP destinations that creates a more streamlined environment. It is available in a variety of functions.

  • Personalize MFP icon with its own logo, application background and icon
  • Improve efficiency for customer and simplify complex settings
  • Customize tasks based on user requirements to minimize error

Create application with different settings:

  • Scan to SMB
  • Scan to FTP
  • Scan to E-mail
  • Scan to me (E-mail)
  • Scan with OCR
  • Scan to Multiple Destinations (E-mail/SMB/FTP/Fax)
  • Fax
  • Copy