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EasyDMSEasy Document Management System

Web-based Document Management System from KYOCERA that intelligently captures and converts documents automatically and archives them for future search and retrieve.

EasyDMS Overview

EasyDMS Overview


Scan, Archive, Search & Retrieve
In a typical organization, research has shown that staff spends more than 10% of their time searching for documents. This proves to be very ineffective, time-consuming and costly to many organizations which, in order to stay competitive, are forced to look for ways to improve these aspects of the business.

In view of this, KYOCERA has created a Document Management System – EasyDMS to help these organizations. The solution starts from the scanning of hardcopy documents right up to the archival of the proceessed documents. Time spent searching for the information within the documents are greatly minimized.

EasyDMS Workflow

  • Document scanning & capture process are greatly improved using the One-Touch-Key approach
  • Time spent searching for information/documents are significantly reduced
  • Access to information/documents can be controlled based on users access rights
  • Easy deployment based on server/client system architecture where client access is via web browser like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 
  • Easy One-Touch-Key document scanning/capture solution
  • Quick document Search & Retrieve
  • Sharing records/documents with other users
  • Easy to understand approach to grouping of relevant documents within a record
  • Automatic system/email alerts for managing documents with expity/due dates 

Operating System: Windows® Server 2008 R2

Both 32 and 64 bit platforms are supported

Memory: 2GB RAM or higher

Hard Disk: 500GB for image storage or higher

Processor: Intel Xeon Dual Core or Intel Xeon Quad Core