Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress

In many companies, high-paid IT departments waste countless valuable hours on administration and management of the output infrastructure. Even the most simple supplies order, repairs or installations require dealing with numerous vendors and service personnel. Further frustrations arise from the down-time and cost-inefficiency of using a variety of suppliers and technicians.

With only one point of contact, KYOCERA MDS saves you trouble, man-hours and down-time. Whether it’s new hardware, spare-parts or paper, we can arrange everything you need for any printer and multifunctional device – regardless of the brand.

You have only one contact person and one bill. And this frees your IT managers from tedious administration, so they can use their core skills for more productive tasks.

Reduced frustration and administration costs. Increased productivity for valuable IT staff.



Find out why MDS by KYOCERA helps you to optimize and direct your business.


What exactly is MDS?

MDS stands for Managed Document Services. Compared to MPS (Managed Print Services), it optimizes your entire document output process.


Discover All Cost Drivers

Keys to efficient Supplies Management services.


MDS Phases

Harness, discover and optimize your savings potential in your company in just 5 steps.


MDS Benefits

KYOCERA MDS reduces costs, the pressures on IT staff and environmental impact.


Case Studies

Learn from our case studies how companies significantly reduced their costs.